"Welcome to the World, Baby Girl"

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Fannie Flagg books -the one you read when you feel that you are at your lowest point, when you feel that the world cannot get any worse, when you feel so over burdened that you are ready to go to pieces...if you can stop for a moment and pick up book, read anything written by Fannie Flagg and I PROMISE you that you will feel better...you will laugh and you will cry...you will do both at the same time...she is by far one of the best fiction/humor writers since Damon Runyon walked into Mindy's and asked if they made more cheese cake than strudel. It is unfair to say that Fannie Flagg is strictly a Southern writer as it unfair to say that Runyon was a great New York writer...they both share an uncanny ear for the way people speak and are able to write it...you cannot read a Fannie Flagg novel and just walk away..her characters just stay with you and they're honest, even when they're doing something they shouldn't they remain true to themselves...

Read by the author. Abridged.

Fans of Fannie Flagg’s Southern-fried yarns will enjoy her folksy reading of her third novel–the story of New York TV anchorwoman Dena Nordstrom, who must take her fast-paced life down a few notches, face her mysterious past, and shake hands with her small-town heritage in order to find happiness. Listening to Flagg’s storytelling on this abridged rendition, one might as well be sitting across a kitchen table from her as she pours two cups of coffee and serves up slices of apple pie along with the latest neighborhood gossip. Flagg, author of the bestselling book Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, received a Grammy Award nomination for her narration on the audio version of that book.

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