The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner: And Other Stories – Terry Pratchett

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More of Terry's fantastic childrens stories. Yes they are not up to his Discworld standards but they are fun and dare I say Jolly. Good fun for the young and old and if you feel the need for a negative review based on the age they are for, you are to OLD.

Take them for what they are and have fun!

Category: Children, Fantasy

Poor Mr Swimble is having a bad day.

Rabbits are bouncing out of his hat, pigeons are flying out of his jacket and every time he points his finger, something magically appears – cheese sandwiches, socks . . . even a small yellow elephant on wheels!

It’s becoming a real nuisance – and he’s allergic to rabbits.

His friends at the Magic Rectangle can’t help, but the mysterious vacuum cleaner he saw that morning may have something to do with it . . .

Fourteen fantastically funny stories from master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, full of food fights, pirates, wizards and crooks!



The Witch's Vacuum Cleaner

The Great Train Robbery

The Truly Terrible Toothache

The Frozen Feud

Darby and the Submarine

The Sheep Rodeo Scandal

An Ant Called 4179003

The Fire Opal

Lord Cake and the Battle for Banwen's Beacon

The Time Traveling Television

The Blackbury Park Statues

Wizard War

The Extraordinary Adventures of Doggins

Rincemangle, the Gnome of Even Moor