The Poison Artist

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Oh my Lord!!! This was one of the most bizarre novels I have ever come across! Mr. Stephen King was correct! This book is terrifying! 4.5 Stars rounded up to 5 for it's originality!

Dr. Caleb Maddox is a toxicologist in San Francisco. He has just gone through a bad breakup. This breakup sets off a chain of events that leads to dead bodies, alcohol, more alcohol and a mysterious woman, and boy is she mysterious!

My Goodreads friends are totally right! Boy oh boy is this creepy! I had goosebumps for hours after I finished it!

I listened to the audio version. Luke Daniels was fantastic, especially when he did the voice of this mysterious lady!

Read it!!!

“An electrifying read… I haven’t read anything so terrifying since Red Dragon.” – Stephen King

“Patient, stylish and incredibly suspenseful” – Lee Child

“Magnificent, thoroughly unnerving…I dare you to look away.” – Justin Cronin

A gripping tale of obsession and deadly mystery, where the secrets of salvation and the most devastating desires are all written in blood

Dr. Caleb Maddox is a San Francisco toxicologist studying the chemical effects of pain. After a bruising breakup with his girlfriend, he’s out drinking whiskey when a hauntingly seductive woman appears by his side. Emmeline whispers to Caleb over absinthe, gets his blood on her fingers and then brushes his ear with her lips as she says goodbye. He must find her.

As his search begins, Caleb becomes entangled in a serial-murder investigation. The police have been fishing men from the bay, and the postmortems are inconclusive. One of the victims vanished from the bar the night Caleb met Emmeline. When questioned, Caleb can’t offer any information, nor does he tell them he’s been secretly helping the city’s medical examiner, an old friend, study the chemical evidence on the victims’ remains. The search for the killer soon entwines with Caleb’s hunt for Emmeline, and the closer he gets to each, the more dangerous his world becomes.

From the first pages up to the haunting, unforgettable denouement, The Poison Artist is a gripping thriller about obsession and damage, about a man unmoored by an unspeakable past and an irresistible woman who offers the ultimate escape.

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