The Modern Scholar – The Philosophy, Practice, and Science of Crime Scene Investigation, Part 1 – Robert C. Shaler

Category: Lecture, Science

The director of the Forensic Science Program at Pennsylvania State University, Professor Robert C. Shaler leads a comprehensive study of the intricacies of an intriguing, and always topical, science. In these lectures, Shaler imparts a clear understanding of crime-scene investigation, from archiving the scene to the presentation of evidence in court proceedings. Covering everything from fingermarks and bloodstains to 3-D imaging and microbial forensics, the course is an essential guide for anyone intrigued by this riveting subject.


01. Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

02. The Crime Scene Investigative Paradigm and Evidence at the Scene

03. Bias, the Culture of Science, and the Scene Investigation

04. Scene Management: The Investigative Glue

05. The Crime Scene Investigative Cascade, the Scientific Method, and Logic

06. Origin of Evidence: Fundamental Principles of Evidence

07. Macroscenes and Microscenes and Finding Associated Evidence

08. Searching: The Meat and Potatoes of the Investigation