The Jewel of Seven Stars

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This book has two endings. When originally published in 1903 and in second publishing in 1904 it had an ending that was critics at the time as being too gruesome so when Stoker published it again,shortly before his death in 1912, he was forced by the publisher to add a new ending. I read this at Project Gutenberg which had the changed ending but I was able to read the original ending also at - you can read it free there also - you can read both whole versions there, free. Neither of these sites are violating copy write. It's ok to read this free at the two sites I've listed above.

The changed ending is a little to much of a fairy tale ending. The original ending is not gruesome by today's standards but it is horribly sad. I think the first ending though is better. Both versions are the same except for the last chapter. After I read the book in full I read the original last chapter and I advise others to do the same or in the opposite order, either way.

Stoker is a master of suspense and elegant writing. He has wonderful page turning hooks at the end of each chapter. Stoker was talented at writing emotion and feelings of love. Stoker is at his best in this. It's a wonderful story and I highly recommend it. It's not as great as Dracula - that's just too special - but it's very good and it's pure Stoker. I loved it.

The Jewel of Seven Stars is relatively unknown, which is surprising – it is one of the earlier stories about the reanimation of an ancient Egyptian mummy, and it is quite a thrilling tale! It also uses state-of-the-art science of the time to bolster the story – with rather amusing results.

Late at night, barrister Malcolm Ross is awakened from a pleasant dream by a pounding on his door. A policeman is waiting for him there, with an urgent summons from Margaret Trelawny, a young woman whom Ross had recently met and become enamored with. Margaret’s father Abel, a noted collector of ancient Egyptian antiquities, has succumbed to a mysterious illness, rendering him comatose. Worse, at the same time he has suffered an even more mysterious life-threatening injury. In desperation, Margaret has summoned Ross, the only man she feels she can trust, to help her protect her father from an unknown threat.

So begins the novel The Jewel of Seven Stars, written in 1903 by the master of horror fiction, Bram Stoker.

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