The Heart of a Goof

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A collection of 9 short stories, all narrated by the 'Oldest Member' of the golf course, often forcefully, to younger patrons, all obviously related to life on the golf course and life off the golf course affected by events on the golf course.

I don't play golf but after reading the hilarious anecdotes, I feel like a lesser mortal for not appreciating this sport . But let me tell you, even if you don't know the ABC of Golf, you'll still laugh your guts out while listening to the 'Oldest Member' tell you tale after tale.

My two favourite parts about the book though, had nothing to do with golf (when seen in isolation)- first was the dedication page and the second a book review/description by the Oldest Member which appears as part of a story (pics attached) ; the reason why I believe you don't really need to know what's a handicap or a birdie to enjoy yet another masterpiece by the undisputed King of Comedy.
Without doubt, another 5/5.

“Golf is the Great Mystery. Like some capricious goddess, it bestows favors with what would appear an almost fat-headed lack of method and discrimination.” These words, uttered by “The Oldest Member,” set the stage for a romp around the greens only Wodehouse could have conjured up. In nine stories Wodehouse describes not only the fates of the goofs who have allowed golf “to eat into their souls like some malignant growth” but also the impact of the so-called game on courtship, friendship, and business relationships.

This volume includes “The Heart of a Goof,” “High Stakes,” “Keeping in with Vosper,” “Chester Forgets Himself,” “The Magic Plus Fours,” “The Awakening of Rollo Podmarsh,” “Rodney Fails to Qualify,” “Jane Gets off the Fairway,” and “The Purfication of Rodney Spelvin.”

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