The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Most Daring Sea Rescue

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by Andrea Renee Cox

What an amazing story! The Finest Hours recounts the true story of the most daring sea rescue in US Coast Guard history. This book completely blew me away with how two large tankers split in half during a huge winter storm, and the heroic rescue efforts that were made during horrible weather conditions. A must-read!

Thank you to the US Coast Guardsmen who put their lives on the line during that rescue mission, and countless others throughout the decades since. Your work does not go unnoticed, and I wish I could thank you enough for the incredible service you provide to our country.

The story behind the major motion picture from Disney – starring Chris Pine, Eric Bana, and Casey Affleck – written by a recognized master of the genre – “a blockbuster account of tragedy at sea” (The Providence Journal).
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It’s the winter of 1952 and a ferocious Nor’easter is pounding New England with howling winds and seventy-foot seas. Two oil tankers get caught in the violent storm off Cape Cod, its fury splitting the massive ships in two. Back on shore, four young Coast Guardsmen are issued a suicide mission: save the lives of the stranded seamen. Sailing a tiny lifeboat into the teeth of the killer storm, the rescue crew soon loses all navigation. With no idea where the stranded seaman are nor how to get back home, the crew stumbles upon the SS Pendleton in the darkness. More than thirty hopeful men appear at the wounded ship’s railings. Can the tiny lifeboat save them all?

Dripping with suspense and high-stakes human drama, The Finest Hours has incredible and astonishing true-to-life heroism and action-packed rescue scenes. This “marvelous and terrifying yarn” (Los Angeles Times) “deserves a place as a classic of survival at sea” (The Boston Globe).

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