Sweetheart, Sweetheart

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This is my first time reading a Murakami novel. It was very good, and very weird. Either large sections are entirely metaphorical, or we've got some heavy unreliable narrator action going on. Honestly, either way or any combination of the 2 is totally fine with me; this book was beautifully written.

It was eerily similar to Christopher Priest's The Affirmation in themes and quite a few plot points. I can't help but think that Murakami is a fan of his.


All should have been well for Colin and his English bride – but his twin brother, David, sensed trouble. Growing obsessed, David made his way to England to calm his fears – instead he found an…


Colin and his wife were dead – victims of ghastly violence. Their seemingly serene cottage seethed with an aura of murder, madness, and betrayal. Overpowered by the evil, David soon embarked on a…


Suffocatingly, the presence grew…grew to a malevolent force trying to kill David’s fiancee…grew until David himself was a helpless prisoner of unholy passion!

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