Suckablood (from short horror movie)

On dark stormy nights the Suckablood comes
For those boys and girls who still suck their thumbs.

This is small Tilly caught once again
With thumbs that need lessons from stepmother’s cane.

Since punishment won’t stop her thumbs getting wet
Mother calls down a curse that the girl won’t forget:

«Suckablood, Suckablood, I beg you come
To slaughter my daughter should see suck her thumb».

And without any prayers, without being fed
Up the dark stairs she’s sent to her bed.

Poor Tilly fears this house in the night
The monsters that live here have large appetites.

She tries not to wake them, she creeps like a mouse
And climbs to her room at the top of the house.

Alone in her room, the candles grew dim
The wind howled and droned and the monsters looked in.

Tilly craved comfort and looked to her thumb
Begging «Suckablood, Suckablood, please do not come».

She felt her way back without any light
An evil was lurking, but when would it bite?

Through a house full of shadows Tilly tipped on her toes
Where reaching the study her tiny heart froze.

For there lay her mother and beside on the wall
Were written my words in a black oily scrawl:

«What a clever young girl not sucking your thumb
I could not eat you, so I’ve taken your mum».