Oscar Wilde "The Fisherman and his Soul"

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Love love love.

The fisherman falls in love with a mermaid, but is unable to marry her because he cannot live underwater with her so long as he has his soul. He investigates a variety of different ways to get rid of his soul, and when he finally is able to do so, the soul comes back periodically to tell him of its adventures, trying to tempt the fisherman into reuniting with it. Ultimately the fisherman does become tempted by the offer to see a dancer (remember mermaids have no legs), thinking he could just come back to his leg-less love when they're done. Unbeknownst to him, once reunited with his soul, he wouldn't be able to return to his love.

This was fantastic.

Сказки Оскара Уайльда любимы читателями во всем мире, интересны людям разного возраста: и взрослым, и детям. “Рыбак и его душа” – удивительная, трогательная история, которая никого не оставляет равнодушным.

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