Live Flesh

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Interesting: most readers here rate it lowest of Rendell's books. I rate it highest.

Yes, it is about a detestable character, but I came to sympathize with him. The title is a clue. Rendell has made this character, a serial rapist, one large involuntary twitch.

The psychology strikes me as trendy and not very reliable. But the story is expertly done, and remains my favorite book by this author ... when not writing under the name Barbara Vine.

Victor Jenner is a sociopath. After ten years in prison for shooting – and permanently crippling – a young policeman, Victor is released to a strange new world and told to make a new life for himself. It’s hard to adjust to civilian life, but at least there’s one blessing – he was never convicted for all those rapes he committed. Then Victor meets David, the policeman he shot, and David’s beautiful girlfriend, Clare. And suddenly Victor’s new life is starting to look an awful lot like the old one.

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