Little Do We Know

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The world needs more friendships like this. Heck, I need more friendships like this. I personally have never had a best friend. Sure, I have had many friends. But in the end, we always lose touch and fade out of each other's life. Maybe that's why I read so much. Books won't leave me. Wooww, that sounded a lot less lonely in my head.

As I have said in many reviews, I have ADHD so my books need to be fast paced and exiting or else I lose interest and motivation to read. Fortunately, this book has the perfect pacing. Not so fast that I'm confused but not so slow that I'm bored.

I was also really a fan of the mystery. Even though the book is being told from the perspective of Hannah and Emory, the author still manages to keep the reader in the dark. No easy feat.

Throughout the novel, Hannah is questioning her faith. I really appreciated this narrative. It's something I can relate to as I've been struggling with my faith and opinions and how they oppose each other. Honestly, I appreciate that it was left open ended even more. Because anything else wouldn't be very true to life. Something I've learned along the way is it's okay to not know what you're doing.

Another great message is that even opposite personalities can be friends. Some people think they can only be friends with like minded people. The opposite is true. Without differences in opinions, thoughts, and beliefs, we'd never grow.

All in all, this book was raw, funny and passionate. I loved every word of it.

Thank you so much to Disney Hyperion for sending me a copy

Bottom Line:
5 Stars
Age Recommendation: 14+ (Sexual Content, Kissing, Heavy Topics)
For Fans Of: Since You've Been Gone, Big Little Lies

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Next-door neighbors and ex-best friends Hannah and Emory haven’t spoken in months. Not since the fight – the one where they said things they couldn’t take back.
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Now, Emory is fine-tuning her UCLA performing arts application and trying to make the most of the months she has left with her boyfriend, Luke, before they head off to separate colleges. Meanwhile, Hannah’s strong faith is shaken when her family’s financial problems come to light, and she finds herself turning to unexpected places – and people – for answers to the difficult questions she’s suddenly facing.

No matter how much Hannah and Emory desperately want to bridge the thirty-six steps between their bedroom windows, they can’t. Not anymore.

Until their paths cross unexpectedly when, one night, Hannah finds Luke doubled over in his car outside her house. In the aftermath of the accident, all three struggle to understand what happened in their own ways. But when a devastating secret about Hannah and Emory’s argument ultimately comes to light, they must all reexamine the things they hold true.

In alternating chapters, a skeptic and a believer piece together the story of their complex relationship and the boy caught somewhere in the middle. New York Times best-selling author Tamara Ireland Stone deftly crafts a moving portrait of faith, love, and friendship.

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