Kirsten's Story Collection

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American Girl does a wonderful job of introducing girls age 8-12 to historical fiction. This collection tells the story of Kirsten Larson who immigrates with her family to America from Sweden in 1854. The struggles, hardships, and rewards are related as the story follows the family's arrival in New York to their settlement in Minnesota. It is filled with historical detail about the setting and challenges faced during this time period, as well as relating amusing and heartfelt lessons Kirsten learns along the way.

Narrated by Rachel Botchan

Length (6 Audiobooks): 3 hours and 13 minutes

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The American Girl brand is synonymous with wholesome, empowering tales about young women growing up in America, even as the country grows, too. Each girl’s story documents with unsurpassed charm and wit the people, places, and events she witnesses. Taking place in 1854, Kirsten’s stories follow the young Swedish immigrant and her family as they attempt to start a new life on a farm in frontier Minnesota. This collection includes: Meet Kirsten, Kirsten Learns a Lesson, Kirsten’s Surprise, Happy Birthday, Kirsten!, Kirsten Saves the Day, and Changes for Kirsten.

Book 1 – Meet Kirsten
Book 2 – Kirsten Learns a Lesson
Book 3 – Kirsten’s Surprise
Book 4 – Happy Birthday Kirsten!
Book 5 – Kirsten Saves the Day
Book 6 – Changes for Kirsten

Meet Kirsten (Ch. 01 - Book 1)

Meet Kirsten (Ch. 02 - Book 1)

Meet Kirsten (Ch. 03 - Book 1)