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Updated- I heard from the author, next book is due in Jan/Feb May 2012! Yeah!

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Poor Sam. You thought you were going to be your average, college dropout, unmotivated, 20-something, fast food working, movie watching, girl craving, young male. Little did you know that you actually are a far from average, mysterious, potentially powerful necromancer.

What is a boy to do

Well for Sam, first you figure out what the hell you are Second, you flip out when everything you know is twisted and disorientated to the point that life, as you've known it is no longer the case.

McBride is twisted. She is twisted because she takes necromancers, shape shifters, witches, and other creatures and makes their existence in this novel not only fresh, and original but also damn funny. The humor and outrageousness is what grabs the reader. The story is what keeps you.

You don't believe me There is a talking head in this book. It is not a spoiler. I'm not telling you whose head gets wacked off. Nevertheless, yes, there is a goddamn talking head. Here is the real surprise for all you reading this review, in this book, it didn't seem weird or out of place. I'm not someone who likes weird and twisted books that I don't understand but everyone else gets the hidden meaning. I don't want to think that hard with my books (I went to Graduate school for that). Here, the story is zany, twisted, weird, and interesting but it makes sense.

I'm not doing this book justice with my review. Just read the book. There!

BTW, Becca, you rock. Thank you for thinking of me when you read this book (maybe that isn't a good thing since this book is twisted) and sending it my way!

Captor and captive. Lovers. Soulmates.

We’re all that and more.

We thought we were past the worst of it. We thought we finally had a chance.

We thought wrong.

We’re Nora and Julian, and this is our story.

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