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Yes, YOU...are you always looking for an original ghost story

I would like to put forth Heart-Shaped Box as a contender for your consideration. Original and just damn cool, this is a must read for fans of the macabre!

This gritty, ghostly tale had my horror-loving heart swooning with how eerie it was. Joe Hill is such a fantastic writer.

He writes with such conviction that you find yourself believing what the narrator is telling you no matter how far-fetched it may seem.

You can dive right into this one and never look up if you allow yourself. This was creative and fast-paced and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

So, take a chance, pick it up and be ready for a wild ride!

Genre: Horror fiction

Aging, self-absorbed rock star Judas Coyne has a thing for the macabre – his collection includes sketches from infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy, a trepanned skull from the 16th century, a used hangman’s noose, Aleister Crowley’s childhood chessboard, etc. – so when his assistant tells him about a ghost for sale on an online auction site, he immediately puts in a bid and purchases it.

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