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4.5 Stars

This was my second read of Hater. I thought that I needed to reread it before moving on to book number two. I have recently read the Autumn series and loved it, solidifying me as a fan of David Moody. This return to the world of Daniel McCoyne and that of the haters was better the second time around.

"               REMAIN CALM
                 DO NOT PANIC
                 TAKE SHELTER

Moody's Autumn series worked by creating a world filled with characters like you and me. There were no superheroes in that one, and many were very likable. In this series the Hater series, we have a much tighter focus that centers around one man Dan McCoyne.  From the backstory we get on him,  he comes across as a whiner of a man, who appears to detest his children.  Many of the scenes with his children made me glad that I don't have any of my own.  Even though I wanted to see what happened to Dan next, I neither liked nor disliked him. 

This extremely short and fast-paced story works by providing  a spin on the post-apocalypse genre. It plays out like almost all zombie books do, however, there are no undead here.  The world, for some unexplained reason, is threatened to come to an end by Extreme violence and killing.  What would happen if the people that you love, your friends, your family, all of a sudden just wanted to kill you 

  "Jesus Christ. I stare deep into the old man's eyes and I'm frozen to the spot with fear.    
  Can this be the same man He glares back at me with cold, steely eyes filled with an in 
  explicable hate and disgust. I can sense his revulsion of me coming off him  like stench and 
  I know that for some inexplicable the undeniable reason he wants me dead. He wants to 
  destroy me. My legs become weak with nerves as I realize that the hate has finally arrived 
  in my home."

The structure of this novel is a real win. I loved, that between chapters we got short snippets of cool stories of violence, rage and death.  Moody, like most post-apocalyptic authors, doesn't give us a whole lot of reasons why the sudden change occurred and our world is coming to an end. Sure, they mentioned that there is an apparent genetic difference that for some reason now separates us from them, the haters, but they never really figured out why.  This type of end of the world scenario has a real feel to it, and it's scary as can be.

I am a big fan of David Moody and recommend him to all lovers of the horror genre, and the zombie genre. He is an author not to be missed.

A modern take on the classic “apocalyptic” novel, Hater tells the story of Danny McCoyne, an everyman forced to contend with a world gone mad, as society is rocked by a sudden increase in violent assaults. Christened “Haters” by the media, the attackers strike without warning and seemingly without reason. Within seconds, normally rational, self-controlled people become frenzied, vicious killers. As the carnage mounts, one thing soon is clear: everyone, irrespective of race, gender, age, or class, has the potential to become either a Hater or a victim. At any moment, even friends and family can turn on one another with violent intent. In the face of this mindless terror, all McCoyne can do is secure his family, seek shelter, and watch as the world falls apart. But when he bolts the front door, the question remains: Is he shutting the danger out or locking it in?

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