Charcoal Tears (Seraph Black #1)

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FREE! July 1, 2019 on US Kindle. I am in the Seraph Black bubble forever. #eatallthecake


New thoughts: OMG the LURVE is still strong and filled with many ALL CAPS. All I can say is that it awakens my inner Twilight fangirl. I love the boys, I love Seraph, I love EVERYTHING. It's similar to that magic I felt when I first read the Fever series, discovered Eric Northman from the Sookie books, and... Twilight. On to re-reading book two!

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THIS BOOK. Yes, it's Young Adult and I am an old lady. Guess what

And the Adairs and Quillens are MINE. Yes, I know the Adairs are 17 years old (Cabe and Noah), but when I read them, I am fulfilling my Twilight Bella Swan fangirl side, so it's OKAY. Don't judge!

The Quillens are only 25 which makes me almost 20 years older then them, but again: don't judge. This is my fantasy world. Okay, maybe it's not JUST mine. Just kidding. Stay away from my boys!

Okay, seriously though. Review time.

This book is about a Mary Sue Super Special Snowflake with powerful abilities who just happens to be like the soul mates.... of FOUR guys. They are her magical "pairs" and complete her.

It's love/lust at first sight and they are inseparable by day one. So unrealistic and over the top and I LOVED IT!

Seraph (that name, right) has an ability where she can use or create electricity and zap people or even blow stuff up (called valcrick)! She lives with her brother, Zariq, and their abusive father. Seraph is a loner at school; quiet, keeps her head down, doesn't have friends. Until she meets her boys.

Then, she starts to smile and open up. She also has another special ability: she draws future events. This ability is tied to her other "pair" - the Quillens. Silas is the grumpy, reclusive, dangerous bad boy, and Miro is the controlled, responsible but calming one - and also her art teacher! haha

We see the beginning of a new world, filled with other people who have these abilities, called Zevgheri. Some can control fire or people's minds, etc. They are controlled by the Klovoda, who are sort of like a magic seedy underworld mafia who sometimes make other Zevs do secret jobs for them.

There is no sex in this but I loved how Seraph got to have 4 boys/men of her own and the reverse harem trope is da bomb! My favorite! I love when she gets "strained" because of their bond and the guys have to touch her and be near her to calm it down! HAHAHAHA - that is just awesome.

Already reading book 2, it was so good...

“You see, there is safety in simplicity… in a life of simple peace, where the electricity doesn’t dance across the backs of my eyelids, and the sparks don’t slither over my consciousness. Only asinine peace, where my paintings don’t seem to paint themselves, leaving me with terrible feelings of premonition and a chill beneath my fingernails.”

Seraph Black used to think that she was prepared for anything. She could last days without eating, and she always walked away from the violent altercations with her father relatively unharmed. She even survived working at the club, surrounded by the dregs of society, all staring into their bottles instead of noticing the unravelling lives that trailed behind them.

She had thought that she could survive anything, but she wasn’t prepared for Noah and Cabe to come bulldozing into her life, careless of the precious secrets they picked apart in their quest to take over her world. She was even less prepared for the mysterious Miro and Silas, but most of all…
Most of all… it was the stalker that threatened her talent for surviving. She wasn’t ready for the photos, and the messages. The warnings. The threats.

Seraph’s life of surviving in the shadows was over, because the searchlight had found her, and there was nowhere that she could hide.

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