Borrowed Time – Jack Campbell

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A delightful book! Some really different views of time travel, some serious, but most with a light edge to them. I suspect the author is a mischievous fellow, as his sense of humor comes through in the stories.

Category: Sci-Fi

New York Times best-selling author Jack Campbell takes listeners on an incredible journey through time in this collection of seven stories.

The centerpiece of Borrowed Time is “Betty Knox and Dictionary Jones in the Mystery of the Missing Teenage Anachronisms”. When you’ve traveled through time and are stuck in the body of your 15-year-old self, it isn’t the best time to have some other time travelers looking to kill you. Especially when the person who’s supposed to be keeping an eye out for the bad guys is stuck in his own 15-year-old body.

In four interlinked short stories, temporal interventionists Tom and Pam meet cute, then work together to solve some of history’s greatest mysteries. And in “Joan”, Kate is a time-traveling researcher who’s gotten a little too close to Joan of Arc both in time and emotionally. With no distance, scientific or otherwise, what will happen when she has a chance to rescue Joan from being burnt at the stake?

Our journey through time concludes with “Crow’s Feat”, where a skeptical writer goes back to Elizabethan England to discover the true author of Shakespeare’s plays.

Small Moments in Time

Where Does a Circle Begin?

Working on Borrowed Time

These are the Times


Betty Knox and Dictionary Jones in the Mystery of the Missing Teenage Anachronisms

Crow's Feat