Behind His Lens

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OMG Why I haven't read this book soonerIt was funny,sweet,hot and fast passed!The characters in this story are fantastic and the story so lovoable!!

Charley is a model but don't you think she is arrogant or too talkative but no no she is sweet,shy and quiet.On the other hand we have Jude who is a photographer.He is sexy and he knows it!He doesn't do relationships and the only thing he wants is sex.

But when he meets Charley something happens....You can instatly feel the attraction to each other..The scene when he has to take pictures of her it's so romantic!!

Charley has to deal with the demons of her past and Jude makes her come face to face with who she really is and that scares her a lot. Jude, on the other hand he is scared because he has feelings for Charley.

"I like driving you, Charley.
I don't care if we both go insane, as long as you stop fighting me.
Let me in."

I absolutely loved the relationship between these two!Their relationship developed slowly.I liked how they react to each other and this make me love them more!!They're just perfect for each other, and of course there was so much sexual tension between Jude and Charley!!!

"I don't want to go to bed.I want to be with you.
I want to feel you moving under me.
After everything that's happened, you make me
feel alive, like the last four years don't have to be what the rest of my life looks like."

I love this author so much!!!She knows how to write amazing books!!!She touched my heart with With This Heart and make me swooning with Scoring Wilder!And now with this book she makes me addicted reading whatever she writes!!! :))
I honestly loved it!!I hope maybe the author will consider to write a siquel because the ending was too short and I wanted to read more and more!!! :))
If you need something refreshing this is what you need!!

***Genres: New Adult Fiction: Romance,Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

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