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Enlightening, enjoyed it. Thrilled me, really. I think it was the first time I consciously became aware of scent of women, it wasn't warning enough. So beware a la Little Red Lung.

And, I learned how the planes take off and more importantly stay in the air. Very interesting. See, this is what I love about Crichton, he taught me so many things without being smug about it.

I can only hope he is with Odin right now.

The twin jet plane en route to Denver from Hong Kong is merely a green radar blip half an hour off the California coast when the call comes through to air traffic control:

‘Socal Approach, this is TransPacific 545. We have an emergency.’ The pilot requests priority clearance to land – then comes the bombshell – he needs forty ambulances on the runway.

But nothing prepares the rescue workers for the carnage they witness when they enter the plane.

Ninety-four passengers are injured. Three dead. The interior cabin virtually destroyed.

What happened on board Flight TPA 545?

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