Ain’t She Sweet

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5 Stars

I'm blown away.

Suddenly all other books look pale in comparison. Even those I've five-starred before.

You know that saying about readers and different tastes

I wish it wasn't true.

Because I want all of you to see its beauty.
I want all of you to experience everything I felt while reading it.
I want all of you to adore it as much as I do.

I am not ready to move on to the next book. Am not ready.

In high school Sugar Carey had reigned supreme. She alone had decided what or who was cool. Her spiral perm had been the perm against which all others were measured, and her opinion on which boys were acceptable to date the only one that counted. A beautiful, blonde – if not always benevolent – dictator, she had a reputation for being the wild child in her home town, the girl most likely to set the world on fire, and leave a trail of destruction in her wake. When she left home she swore she’d never return. Only now, fifteen years and several husbands later, she’s run out of money, luck and options…But Sugar arrives back home to discover that everyone else is living her life. Her half sister is married to Sugar’s high school sweetheart, the teacher she schemed to get fired is now a successful novelist and owns her old house. She also discovers that people have long memories – especially where Sugar is concerned…

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